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Fly-tipping in Milton Keynes - It's getting worse

Since the start of the pandemic, fly-tipping has become a more frequent crime seen across Milton Keynes.

MK Council reports show that in 2019, on average there were 409 cases of fly-tipping reported every single month.

The average number of reports since the start of the pandemic has now risen to almost 500 cases a month, which is having a huge impact on the Council and the environment we live in.

Reports to MK Council have risen by 16% with an EXTRA 613 fly-tipping incidents logged in the last 9 months alone.

This seems to be an issue right across the UK and it really is becoming a problem that needs quashing asap.

They council understand that as more people at home, more people are carrying out home DIY work and on the flip side to that, as more people are staying at home there is "increased community surveillance" resulting in more reports made to the local authority.

Have you noticed an increase in your estate? Do you report fly-tipping to the Council?

Do you think the introduction of the booking system at the Recycling Centres is a contributor to the fly-tipping issue in MK?

Below are some images of rubbish found in MK. Shocking to see.


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