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Get your Shuffle on at The Casino MK!

A brand-new playing experience has arrived at The Casino MK in Xscape that is guaranteed to make nights out just a little bit more competitive. Shuffleboard is fast becoming THE game to play around the country. 

Originally a game found up and down the pubs and taverns of Britain as far back as the 1500s, the game was taken stateside by English settlers and became a favourite pastime in bars across America. And now, the Shuffleboard experience has been totally modernised with state-of-the-art, handcrafted, curved tables, offering a number of interactive games to play.


At The Casino MK, two tables can accommodate from 2 to 8 players each, two teams are needed to play the blue and red ‘pucks’. Who will get closest to the end? Who will score the most points?

Who will actually stay on the playing surface? Be careful, the game can get very competitive and is the perfect playful night out for friends to meet up, get their Shuffle on and try out newly found skills. Playing prices start at £10 per table for a 55 minute session. Food and drink packages are also available to pre-book.


Deputy General Manager, Mark Dalby, commented “We’re so pleased to bring the game of Shuffleboard to Milton Keynes with the first interactive tables anywhere in the city. As a casino we want to show there is more to the venue than slot machines and poker tables. We offer a range of entertainment opportunities with live music, restaurant, big screen sports viewing, pool tables and now Shuffleboard.”


No membership is required for The Casino MK, but all guests must be over 18, photo ID will be required. To find out more about The Casino MK, which is open seven days a week, go to, or like The Casino MK on Facebook.


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