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Government inspector makes “rubbish” Bletchley landfill decision claim Labour Party

A Conservative government planning inspector has ignored community concerns and allowed Bletchley landfill site near Newton Leys to stay open until 2037, overturning a decision by Milton Keynes Council.

Despite widespread concerns from the residents of Newton Leys and Bletchley, the Conservative Government’s Planning Inspector released a shocking decision late on Friday afternoon revealing their verdict to overturn the refusal by Milton Keynes Council to extend the life of the site. Local councillors on the planning committee had refused permission due to the impact of the landfill site on local residents, who had been supported in their objections by the local Labour ward councillors and town councillors. The site has now been granted an extension of 15 years in which to continue to operate.

The Inspector concluded “that the proposed extension of the operational period of the landfill would not unacceptably harm the living conditions of local residents. Neither would it result in unacceptable harm to the users of other facilities in the area, including the Newton Leys Pavilion and local schools.”

Councillor Emily Darlington, Labour councillor for Bletchley East said:

“MK prides itself in being the Greenest City. The local council does not use the landfill. Why should we have to put up with importing others waste from as far away as London. The Council was right to stand up for residents. It is a slap in the face for local democracy and another win for Tory Corporate greed in the planning system. It’s literally a rubbish decision.”

Cllr Ethan Kelly-Wilson, Chair if Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Council said:

“As a dad raising my son in Newton Leys, I am shocked that the inspector disregarded the impact on the local community. We need the planned country park and Blue Lagoon extension now. Instead, my son will be an adult by the time the landfill closes and this is delivered. This is a loss to an entire generation.”

Local Councillor Ed Hume said:

“There was an incredible local effort to stop the landfill. We fought so hard to stop this. Milton Keynes Council put residents first but the Tory government never do. The Conservatives have allowed a planning inspector to overrule local people. It just isn’t right.”


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