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H6, V6 and V8 road to get the ‘Golden Grid’ treatment

Following on from the H5 Portway and H8 Standing Way schemes earlier in the year, these three grid roads will receive intensive repairs and maintenance over the next few months.

Starting with Whitney Roundabout and Oxley Roundabout on the western side of the city, extensive works are being coordinated by the Council’s Highways and Environment teams and will include:

• Removing weeds, cutting back overhanging vegetation • Repairing, cleaning, and replacing damaged signs • Removing clutter and litter picking • Refreshing road markings • Filling potholes and patching road defects • Cleaning road gullies • Tidying up the roundabouts including painting the brick edges • Fixing streetlights • Removing graffiti • Repairing damaged grass verges and reseeding where necessary • Coppicing or removing trees to keep them healthy • Replacing missing or damaged bollards • Sweeping the roads

Councillor Paul Trendall, Interim Cabinet Member for Highways said, “People have told us that MK is looking unloved around the grid road network, especially our roundabouts, so our Golden Grid programme was devised to do a big makeover of each road, bringing all our services together under one road closure.”

He added, “Each year we’ll target other grid roads that need an extra, intensive deep clean and repair whilst continuing with the routine repairs and maintenance”

. The ‘Golden Grid’ works started on 29 September on the western side of the H6 and will move eastwards throughout October and November.

All works are listed on One Network

Another three key roads across the city will receive a huge makeover as part of the ‘Golden Grids’ improvement programme this autumn. The roads included are H6 Childs Way, V6 Grafton Street and V8 Marlborough Street.

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