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Have your say on tackling anti-social drinking in MK

Milton Keynes City Council is seeking local views on its proposal to extend the ban on anti-social drinking in some public spaces in the city.

The Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) which is due to expire in October 2024 specifically tackles anti-social behaviour connected with drinking alcohol. The PSPO is not a blanket ban on drinking alcohol in public spaces. It is designed to tackle anti-social behaviour related to drinking in public spaces. The option for people to drink responsibly is retained, while the PSPO is there to support the city council, The Parks Trust, and police in working together to tackle anti-social behaviour and support community safety.

The PSPO allows police or other authorised officers to be able to ask someone causing anti-social behaviour to stop drinking and hand over their alcohol or be issued with a £100 fixed penalty notice if that person does not comply.

The city council is conducting a public consultation to seek feedback on its proposals before a formal decision is made in September 2024. These views, along with the evidence provided by the police, will determine whether the order is extended.

Feedback can be submitted through this online survey or by emailing before Friday 16 August.

Further information can be found on the city council’s website.

“Through this PSPO we’ll be able to continue to take action on alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour if necessary. This doesn’t target those people who enjoy a drink responsibly. We’re keen to hear from local people about what has worked well while the PSPO has been in place and what could be improved.”

- Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Cllr Amber McQuillan


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