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Hello Stranger: Once A Month Meet In MK

Maybe you are: A stay at home parent missing adult conversation; a commuter who leaves the city a lot, retired or a freelancer working at home, missing day-to-day chat, seeing your friends less for whatever reason, someone who just loves to meet new people! Modern life can feel a little disconnected. “Hello Stranger” is here to remind us how nice a good chat feels and is for everyone and anyone.

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship is conversation” Oscar Wilde

“Hello Stranger” brings people together for, an hour or two of “no strings attached” conversation.

We meet once a month currently at MK Gallery Cafe, and it’s run by a friendly host, so you do not have to worry about coming alone.

Don’t worry about what you might talk about; we can never plan for these things. It might be funny, might be awkward, might be boring... who knows! But that’s part of the fun.

Want to join for a chat? Check out our next date, send us an email or FB message - we’ll confirm the location and time! Remember its all FREE, we just ask you to turn up and bring a smile!

We ask everyone wanting to join the chat to let us know either via email, or comment on our post or send us a DM on insta or FB!

Our next meet up is Sunday 5th November 11am at Mk Gallery Café.

If you would like to get in touch wit the Hello Stranger Team, you can click here.


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