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Help for struggling residents as bills rise from Friday

The Labour/Liberal Democrat administration is reaching out to struggling residents as higher bills are set to hit households in April.

Energy bills and National Insurance are increasing this April, while inflation reached a 30-year high in February.

The Labour/Liberal Democrat administration that runs Milton Keynes Council is doing all it can to help struggling residents, such as passing a budget that includes:

- Over £15 million to help residents on low incomes pay their Council Tax bill

- Over £3 million for concessionary public transport fares

- Half a million pounds to help people struggling with the energy crisis

£150,000 to maintain a Local Welfare Provision Scheme, which can help residents in need by providing items such as beds, cookers, and fridge freezers

The Council will also provide a council tax discount to many residents who are currently ineligible for the Government’s Council Tax Rebate scheme.

Councillor Pete Marland, Leader of Milton Keynes Council, said: “Families in Milton Keynes were already being hit by the cost-of-living crisis, and it is only going to get worse this month as bills start to arrive.”

“The reality is because of the Government’s mishandling of this crisis, people will have to choose between heating and eating.”

Councillor Robin Bradburn, Deputy Leader of the Council, added: “We’re doing all we can as a Council to support our residents, but we can’t fix skyrocketing energy bills, the highest inflation in 30-years and a National Insurance hike.”

“The Government needs to step up and get a grip on this crisis.”


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