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Help The Parks Trust grow oak trees for MK's ancient woodlands!

The Parks Trust have another bumper crop of acorns this year – called a mast year. So once again, they are calling on the citizens of MK, schools and community groups for your help in growing oak trees for Milton Keynes' ancient woodlands.

Why are The Parks Trust re-launching the project?

Ash dieback is killing huge amounts of ash trees across the country, including here in Milton Keynes. In some of our ancient woodlands, ash makes up 60% of the tree canopy, so we need to plant these areas with native trees to maintain these important habitats and ecosystems. Oak supports more life than any other native tree and by planting saplings, they are much more likely to grow into healthy trees.

How do I take part?

- Collect acorns from Howe Park Wood, Shenley Wood or Linford Wood.

- Plant 4 acorns in a pot with drainage holes (roughly 15cm in diameter).

- Complete the form below stating how many acorns you are caring for.

- Care for your acorns by keeping them watered for 1 to 2 years.

- Once they have sprouted, your saplings will need to be re-potted into separate pots.

- The Parks Trust will keep you informed via the email address provided of the next steps including drop-off dates.

How do I register that I am taking part?

Please complete this form so The Parks Trust know how many are being planted and can get in contact about how to care for the saplings and when to drop them off.


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