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HERO - National TV recognition for Local Volunteer

Lucy Fox, a resident of Milton Keynes, last year took it upon herself to set up the 'Milton Keynes Coronavirus Community Support Group.'

The group brings together a whole community of volunteers who give their time to help residents with helpful tasks, that many of us take for granted.

BBC's The One Show surprised Lucy in her own home with the help of her son, who planted cameras in the house so that the presenters could interrupt a 'live' show to say a 'Big Thank you' for her commitment to the community.

Whether it be delivering shopping, medicine or essential items, the army of volunteers makes sure those that have been isolating, will safely receive their items, without having to leave their home.

The project now has over 700 volunteers right across MK. It grew extremely fast as Lucy made sure that nearly every single house in the city was made aware of the services the group were providing by delivering leaflets.

The full feature is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer by clicking here.

Thankyou Lucy for everything you have done for the community of Milton Keynes through these extremely testing times, you are a hero!


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