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Honesty is the best policy - The Moon in MK

This Photo really caught out eye, not just because of the photo but because of that caption that went with it.

This time it was by a local photographer called Brett Reynolds.

Along with this stunning photo was a caption that we really felt touched on how many of us are now feeling. So, enjoy the photo and Bretts small insight into his journey and have a wonderful day.

“Been quiet, been busy with life. This picture was the very last picture I took before the pandemic hit and is definitely one of my favourites. Life has changed so much since I took this one. That night it was just me, all alone and a beautiful nights sky, sat dreaming of a happier place. Nearly 1 year later and lots of hurdles later, it’s safe to say, I am starting to find myself and inturn my happy place again. Who would have known....This was definitely the calm before the storm.”


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