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Important message from Director of Public Health for Milton Keynes

A message to business owners / managers / employers from the Director of Public Health in Milton Keynes, Vicky Head.

Our local COVID-19 infection rate is very high, and workplaces have become one of the most likely places to catch the virus.

In Milton Keynes, the new strain of COVID-19 (B.1.1.7. and first detected in Kent) is dominant. This spreads much more easily. One in three people with COVID-19 have no symptoms, which means your workforce may be passing it on to colleagues and customers without realising it.

There are straightforward things you can do to help break transmission.

Allow your employees to work from home unless it is unreasonable for them to do so, in line with current Government guidance. This video case study shows how MK based financial services firm TSYS adapted operations while maintaining productivity.

Tell us of any confirmed COVID-19 cases at your workplace by completing this online form and emailing (MK shares a resource with Bedford). We can give advice and may even be able to arrange rapid testing for your staff.

Remind your employees to observe HANDS – FACE – SPACE and provide the right materials, such as hand sanitiser, screens, or wipes for shared desks/spaces. You can download free posters and other resources at

We are in cold and flu season. Some people with COVID-19 actually display familiar cold-type symptoms. Please encourage employees with any related symptoms to be extra cautious. This may mean isolating and booking a test at uk/coronavirus or via 119.

The pandemic continues to be challenging for many reasons. We have funded free virtual coaching sessions from local mental health charity MIND on how to recognise and support colleagues experiencing mental health distress or domestic abuse. These sessions are bookable by emailing There are also short videos on this topic at

Thank you for your continued efforts.

Vicky Head Director of Public Health, MK.


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