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International Nurses Graduation Celebration

Staff from across Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH) gathered on Monday 14 November in the Academic Centre Lecture Theatre for the inaugural International Nurses Graduation Celebration.

The event was kicked off by CEO Joe Harrison, followed by talks from Chief Nurse Yvonne Christley and Head of Practice Education Wendy Bellenger.

Attendees, including members of the Senior Nursing team, watched on as nurses in cohorts 1, 2, and 3 were presented with certificates marking the successful completion of their NMC OSCE and CBT to become Registered Staff Nurses at MKUH.

The graduation celebration will be a quarterly event with cohort sizes growing exponentially.

Congratulations to the 41 nurses honoured on Monday on completing their qualifications and joining our teams on the wards, enabling us to ensure that our patients receive the treatment they need in a timely, effective, and safe manner.


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