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Jessica’s Rainbow Fun Run For Charity

Harry’s Rainbow are a Children’s Charity who provide support to bereaved children in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

Jessica's Rainbow Run is Harry’s Rainbow’s flagship event, that we always look forward to holding for the community. The run was thought of by Harry's sister Jessica when she decided she wanted to do something in memory of Harry and to support the charity her family founded.

Unfortunately, due the current restriction placed on mass participation events due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are sadly unable to hold our popular fun day at Wolverton Recreation Ground, but we didn’t want the children missing out on our popular event and the chance to get their fabulous medal.

The idea of this will be that your child/children as well as adults this year, will still be able to collect their JRR medal by completing a 1-mile run/skip/jump/hop in their own time on the weekend of the 19th and 20th June. This can be at your local park, around the block, down the river - the choice is yours!!!

When they have completed their mile, all you will need to do is send us proof that they have completed it by sending us a screen shot of your watch or using the popular running apps such as mapmyrun or strava. We will also accept photos showing the activity.

Though this event is for children, if you are an adult accompanying your children and would like to receive a medal, then just sign yourself up too. The more the merrier!

All participants will receive a virtual certificate within a week of the event and medals will follow approximately 4 weeks later. It is as simple as that!

We are encouraging children to raise sponsorship money this year which will enable us to purchase memory boxes for our newly registered families.

In 2020 we registered 80 children, each child received a memory box with carefully selected items inside, as well as suitable books and resources.

If each child taking part could raise £50 this would enable us to provide many more boxes for the children who need them. Even £5 - £10 would pay for a book. Imagine how proud your children would be knowing they have contributed towards these items!

We have designed a special colouring sheet for the children to complete as they reach milestones during their fundraising.

These are available for download and printing or we can post upon request, as soon as you have registered.

Just giving pages can also be set up at

However, raising funds is not compulsory, as knowing we are able to continue the event this year and knowing you are taking part - albeit in a different way- will bring many smiles to our Harry’s Rainbow community.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.


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