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Kents Hill Care Home Raising Funds for Alzheimer’s Research

Kents Hill Care Home are taking part in a BIG challenge next week all in aid of Alzheimer’s Research and we want you to join us as a local community in helping make breakthroughs possible by sending us your miles!

We work daily with individuals who suffer with Alzheimer's Dementia, working along families who are making those turmoil decisions to place a loved one in a nursing home but knowing that they can not manage all their care needs at home anymore.

This last year has been ‘hell’ for these individuals not seeing their families as it has for many; the worries of recognition on where the individual with Alzheimer’s or Dementia will remember who they are, what if something happens to them?

It’s OK the government saying facetime calls or window visits but people with advanced Alzheimer's do not understand this kind of technology or understand that they aren’t allowed to physically have contact. There has been huge deterioration and this continues today; albeit restrictions are lessoning things are still no where near ‘normal’.

So we decided on a challenge based on a staff member who is running 2 marathons and 2 halves in aid of Alzheimer’s Research; her challenge was times by 10 to bring is the total of786miles which will be walked, ran or cycled either in house on our exercise equipment, walks in the garden or walks around the home and externally by our relatives sending us a screen shot of there miles.

We are asking the local community to join in with this challenge and see if you can help us smash our target; send us a screenshot of your exercise via our facebook page, or email it into us, make a donation and we can add your miles to our totals.

Kents Hill Care Home working with the local community to ‘Help Make Breakthroughs Possible’

Click here to make a donation


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