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Labour and Lib Dems reject motion supporting MK’s grid road system

Conservative Press Release: A Conservative motion aiming to reaffirm MK Council’s commitment to the original design principles of Milton Keynes, specifically, by protecting the city’s unique grid road system, was rejected by Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors on 19 January.

Councillor Chris Taylor, who delivered the motion, said that new developments across Milton Keynes were “eroding” the areas original design principles and developments such as South East MK were threatening the “unique identity” of MK.

He added that the Council’s decision to allow the grid road system to “erode over time, due to poor planning decisions, is a negative step towards protecting the residents of MK”.

If the motion passed, MK Council would have been required to create guidance for developers on maintaining the grid road system through a supplementary planning document or SPD.

It would also signal the support of MK Council for continuing the grid road system in MK.

However, Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors unanimously voted against the motion, possibly signalling the end of their support for the grid road system that has been a unique trait of Milton Keynes since its inception.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“We’re committed to protecting MK’s grid roads and expanding them which is why we brought this motion to Council and voted for it.

Unfortunately, it seems that the future of the grid road system under Labour and the Liberal Democrats is in danger and they showed that by voting against reaffirming their commitment to the original design principles of MK.

We will continue to wave the flag for MK’s brilliant grid road system, even if the Council won’t.”


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