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Labour and Lib Dems Sign Off on Fortnightly Recycling Collections

Conservative Press Release: In a Council meeting on Tuesday evening, the Labour & Lib Dem Coalition which runs MK Council, signed off on moving recycling collections from weekly to fortnightly from 2023.

In the new system residents will have four wheelie bins: one for food and garden waste, one for residual waste, one for paper and one for plastic, glass and metal containers.

The two recycling bins for paper and containers will be collected every fortnight.

Conservative Councillors have campaigned tirelessly to stop the move, but the decision by the Labour & Lib Dem Cabinet to initiate the procurement of the new bins, saw the final nail in the coffin of weekly collections in Milton Keynes.

Conservative Spokesperson for Waste and Environment Cllr Dan Gilbert said:

“Residents will rightly be saying: you have put up my Council tax every year for the past seven years, but I am getting less and less. And with this decision, that has never been more true.

“Milton Keynes has consistently resisted the temptation to reduce waste or recycling collections. But, Labour and the Lib Dems now have ended that.

“This time it is only recycling, but it is a slippery slope. We know from other Councils’ experience, it is inevitable that once one aspect of waste goes fortnightly, all collections end up going fortnightly.


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