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Labour fail to publish manifesto for MK local elections conservatives claim

Conservative Press Release: With the local elections in full swing and voters just less than a week out from casting their ballots on May 5, Labour is still yet to publish their plan for Milton Keynes should they be re-elected to control MK Council.

As it stands, Labour is the only party in Milton Keynes to have not published a manifesto for what they will do for Milton Keynes if elected in May.

Currently, both the Conservatives and Labour’s coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, have proposed what they would do if they were elected in May but the Labour plans have gone missing.

While the Conservatives have pledged in their local plan for MK to save weekly recycling collections from being scrapped, show MK some serious TLC and restore in-demand bus routes cut by Labour last year, the Labour group have proposed nothing.

Manifestos are key for residents casting their ballot as it allows them to see the different policies and plans parties have for their local area.

Local Conservatives say this is an example of a party that has run out of ideas for Milton Keynes and has no plan for what they can offer residents.

They’ve called on Labour to publish a local plan as soon as possible so that they can challenged and scrutinised by residents.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“Labour has no plan for Milton Keynes. That is not just my opinion, that is clear by their inability to provide a fully-fledged local plan about what they will do if they control MK Council in May.

While we are providing an ambitious plan for MK’s future that will restore services cut by Labour, fight crime, and boost local business, Labour has nothing to show MK residents.

Even if they rush one out before next Thursday, they’ve left voters little time to challenge and scrutinise them.”


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