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Labour-Lib Dem Council Criticised As Reckless Overexpansion Puts Pressure On Public Services

The Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition running Milton Keynes City Council has been criticised for its reckless overexpansion plans which are putting huge pressure on the infrastructure of Milton Keynes and its rural areas.

Ben Everitt, the Conservative MP for Milton Keynes North, has long campaigned for the need for infrastructure before expansion and has hit out at the Council’s refusal to listen and recognise the impact of its decisions.

Ben said: “We desperately need more affordable homes in MK, but they must proportionate, sustainable, appropriate and come with the right provision of services for local people. This is what proper planning is all about.”

The latest massive development approved by MK’s Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition is for 800 extra houses as part of the MK East expansion and will have a major impact on the highways infrastructure in the area. Those living in Newport Pagnell and nearby are already experiencing traffic problems at the Willen Road roundabout during rush hour, yet 800 new houses and an at-grade crossing could cause further pain. At the same time, the GPs surgery in Olney has been forced to close its patient list.

Cobbs Garden Surgery announced its patient list will remain closed for an initial period of six months, citing the increased demand as a result of the new housing in Olney and the need to protect patient safety as one of the reasons.

The local MP said: “Infrastructure before expansion. It’s not rocket science. The Council is responsible for planning approvals that have a massive impact on our communities

“It’s incredibly frustrating that the Labour-Lib Dem alliance continues to push forward with their reckless expansion plans for Milton Keynes and our rural areas when the impact is being felt so greatly by local people.

“This is a problem caused by Milton Keynes City Council putting far too much pressure on public services and not ensuring infrastructure is in place before expansion.

“I’m worried that if the Labour-Lib Dem administration don’t get a grip and stop with their reckless overexpansion, we could see this repeated across Milton Keynes. It’s time they put the people of Milton Keynes first.”

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