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Lady left phoneless after phone stolen at Popworld MK by staff member

A local lady has taken to Facebook to air her concerns over the possible theft of a friends phone at Popworld MK by a staff member.

Lauren Beardon took to Facebook Reviews on Popworlds Page to explain her side of the story.

''Guys if any of you are from Milton Keynes area and go to popworld please look after your belongings as my friends phone got stolen on Saturday night!!

He managed to track his phone to an address in Northampton. After searching up the address on google it come up with some guys name. After a bit of detective work we managed to find a picture of the guy who lives at that address. It only turned out to be the bloody bouncer on the door ! The same bouncer who permanently banned my mate from the club for asking if any mobile phones had been handed in(obviously was worried he was going to get caught out as he knew he was the one who took it out of his pocket )

My mate then called popworld last night and asked if a guy with that name worked there.. the manager said “No” they’ve never heard of someone with that name. Anyways he went down to popworld to go and see the manager in person & The next thing you know the bouncer who stole his phone the night before come around the corner ready to start his shift for the night!!

My friend proceed to tell the bouncer that he knew his address & business name(software business btw) as it was it was all on google and also said how his mobile pinged up at his address in Northampton. He didn’t have any explanation as to why he stole his phone, nor did he say sorry. The management didn’t seem shocked either they just allowed him to carry on his shift for the night as normal & told him that he’d have to go back to popworld today to collect his phone.

Who knows how often this has happened & if this guy steals other valuables too. A police report has been filed but I just wanted to make everyone on here aware too.''

There is always two sides to a story and for that reason no-body has been named. The police are investigating and we have contacted Pop World for comment.


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