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Lib Dems launch manifesto that ensures a fairer, safer, cleaner Milton Keynes for everyone

MK Lib Dems have launched their manifesto for the upcoming local elections on Thursday 2 May, promising cost-of-living support, fixing more potholes, and campaigning for better NHS services for local people.

This year, key promises include introducing a benefits advice programme to help hardworking families to maximise their household income, improving the city’s transport network, and working to reduce flooding by campaigning for a new balancing lake.

The party are also promising to improve local play areas, to fight for better access to GP services and NHS dentists, and to divert more young people away from knife crime and criminal activity.

Support for the local economy, improved community transport for those who need extra support and mental health services for children and young people are also among the key policies.

There is also a strong focus on expanding the Library of Things offer where local residents can borrow useful items for their home for free, fighting for more police and working with Thames Valley to tackle anti-social behaviour, and increasing the number of SEND places for children and young people.

The manifesto also includes policies on the New City Plan for 2050 by delivering new health centres, schools, and roads before growth, promoting active transport to ensure Milton Keynes is carbon neutral by 2030, and working with social housing providers to build more affordable homes for local residents.

Lib Dem Leader Councillor Robin Bradburn, said:

“Despite the ever-growing challenges placed on the City Council by central government, we have continued to support the most vulnerable struggling through the cost-of-living crisis and have invested in preventative services to benefit the people of Milton Keynes.

“We are community champions and are on the side of local people, the manifesto sets out our plan to ensure a fairer, safer, and cleaner Milton Keynes for everyone. We’ll continue to support struggling households through the cost-of-living crisis, ensure better jobs and opportunities for local people, campaign for better health services and fix more potholes all whilst striving towards a greener Milton Keynes.

“It’s obvious the Conservatives can’t be trusted, whether they’re spreading false information or backtracking on their own policies, the choice for voters at the local elections this year is very clear.

“Voting for hard-working Lib Dem councillors will ensure you are properly represented and will see more positive changes for our communities.”

Since May 2021, the Lib Dems have worked with Labour in the Progressive Alliance offering post-pandemic and cost-of-living support for the city’s residents.

With 16 seats on the City Council, the Lib Dems have maintained weekly bin collections, made no major cuts to services, and have sought to keep council tax down.

In the upcoming local elections, the party is defending four seats across Bradwell, Newport Pagnell South, Broughton, and Monkston. The Lib Dems are also standing candidates in the other 17 wards.

The official launch which took place earlier this month saw a mixture of local councillors, Baroness Smith from the House of Lords, and candidates for all 3 seats for the much-awaited general election suggested to take place later this year.


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