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Litter Picking In Mk - How To Borrow The Equipment & More

Did you know that there are community locations where you can hire out litter picking equipment as an individual or as a group?

Borrow litter pick kits

MK Council have litter pick kits held in the community to hire free of charge. These are not held centrally, but in the community making it easier and more convenient to access. Check their Litter Pick Holders List to find the one nearest to you.

Litter pick holders list PAA
Download PDF • 199KB

Collecting the filled sacks

Please let the team know at least 7 days in advance where possible of the area you are litter picking and where you would like the rubbish sacks to be collected from so they can ensure a crew is available to collect the bags. You can contact the Waste Team by emailing If you only have one or two bags for collection you can put them out on your normal collection day and they will be collected as part of your weekly collection.

Don't forget to photograph your event and send images to and so the community can see the great work you have completed.

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