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Local Cllr opens Stony Stratford Croquet Club Fete, after donating towards the club’s roof repair

Cllr Joe Hearnshaw, ward member for Stony Stratford, opened the Stony Stratford Croquet Club Fete last weekend.

The fete celebrated the 100th birthday of the much-loved community club alongside the announcement that the club had reached their fundraising goal for the vital repairs required on their clubhouse’s roof. Last council year, Cllr Hearnshaw was proud to have supported the club’s fundraising efforts by donated a portion of his ward-based budget to the campaign.

Cllr Hearnshaw said: “It was fantastic to learn more about the Stony Stratford Croquet Club’s history, marking its 100th birthday. The grounds are kept in amazing condition by volunteering and I am pleased to have helped contribute towards the much needed repair of their club roof. My wife and I had a brilliant time learning to play croquet and talking to local members. The members have a very strong sense of community, which was lovely to see”


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