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Local Councillors calls for the development of MK Science Park

Milton Keynes City Council Conservative Group Leader, Cllr David Hopkins is calling for the development of a Science Park in or adjacent to the City to be included in the new Plan:MK 2 (local plan).

A Science Park, sometimes referred to as a research park, technology park or innovation centre, is a purpose-built cluster of office spaces, labs, workroomsand meeting areas designed to support research and development in science and technology and would support the case for a permanent, large University for Milton Keynes and its surrounds.

The main ambition of a science park for MK would be to attract many technology companies and facilitate growth for businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and communities in fields like IT, AI, machine learning, IoT, biotech, virtual reality, robotics and more and would finally establish the City of MK as an International player.

At a recent Oxford Cambridge Arc conference held in MK, it became clear that there was an enormous demand for such specialist business space in Oxford and Cambridge that was not or could not be met in those cities. Thus, this appears an opportunity for the new city of Milton Keynes to step up alongside these established cities of technology.

MK Conservatives have an ambition for Future MK that involves the combination of academic institutions (schools / college and University), high-tech companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups in purpose-built spaces that will create an environment rich in knowledge-sharing, collaboration and innovation.

In light of the governments stated commitment to East West Rail, HS2 and the completion of the Expressway from MK to Cambridge, MK City Conservatives will be calling on the so-called Progressive Alliance of Lib Dems and Labour councillors that run MK Council to adopt this strategy for future growth that will deliver high paid careers and a prosperous future for the residents of the city today and into the future.


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