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Local Councillors respond to Tattenhoe residents’ concerns after the approval of new Hindu temple

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Tattenhoe Ward Councillors Shazna Muzammil and Manish Verma have responded to residents’ concern after plans for a new Hindu temple in St Agnes Way, Tattenhoe were approved last Thursday.

Cllr Muzammil and Verma first paid tribute to their residents, stating:

“We extend our sincere thanks to the parish council, as well as all the residents who actively participated in the meeting, voiced their concerns, raised objections online, and came out to support one another. Your unwavering commitment to our community's well-being truly exemplifies the remarkable spirit that exists within Tattenhoe.

They continued:

We want to acknowledge that objections were based on valid concerns regarding traffic, aesthetics, and parking in the proposed location. We firmly believe that it is essential to address these issues to ensure the smooth integration of any new development into our community. However, despite collective efforts, the planning committee made the decision to approve the application with 26 conditions in place. We want to assure all residents that we remain steadfast in our commitment to our community and will continue to advocate for the best interests of our residents.”

Both Councillors are keen to reiterate that neither they nor the residents objected to the temple itself, all concerns lay with the proposed location due to the already prevalent issues of traffic congestion and limited parking in the area. All involved believe places of worship are important community hubs, but it is important that they are built in the right place for both the existing residents and those who attend the site.

Councillor James Lancaster (Tattenhoe) also commented,

"As ward councillor for Tattenhoe I objected to the application, citing worries around parking provision. My objections, alongside those mentioned by others that night, were considered by the planning committee. A number of residents also spoke in favour of application. I understand there are already parking concerns in the area, but a planning application can't be used to solve an existing problem. The application was approved on a cross-party basis by ten votes to one, with no abstentions. Now that the application has been approved, I will work with local residents and temple officials to try and ensure that any issues that arise are discussed and dealt with."

The application was approved with 26 conditions in place and the councillors will be working closely with residents and MKCC to ensure that these conditions are met by the applicants. These conditions will be reviewed in 12 months.


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