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Local Dog Lover Asking For Donations Towards Christmas Charity Project

Milton Keynes Based Dog walker Frankie Doodle sets up charity collection for a 4th year running, helping a local charity.

This is Frankie's Story

My names Frankie doodle and I run doodles dog walking & pet services. When I started my business 4 years ago I wanted to give something back. I decided to start collecting donations and I donated them to an animal charity on Christmas Eve. I've done this for the last three years and this year will be my fourth collection.

I solely advertise on my Facebook page and through a few other animal sites/ I have so many wonderful people donating and I’m looking for more donations. I personally go around Milton Keynes each evening collecting the donations from any willing donators.

Last year I filled a whole van aswell as my car. My aim is this year to get as much as I can so I can split the donations between several animal charities.

Covid had a major impact on us all but charities really did suffer to, so I would love to support more than one charity this year if I receive enough donations. I’m so grateful for the donations I receive and so are the charities.

I get asked a lot why I do it and it’s honestly so rewarding being able to deliver a big parcel of gifts on Christmas Eve. I have loved animals since being a young boy, I just want to try and make a difference.

If anyone would like to donate, please feel free to email me @ or you can send me a message on my Facebook page by clicking here.

We still have 7 weeks to go and I want this year to be a big one.

All I ask is that the donations, whatever they may be, are all usable and in date.

Thank you so much 😊 Frankie doodle.''

You can donate anything from food, treats or toys. If you can spare a donation, please do.

Well done to Frankie for his commitment to helping local charity, aswell as the animals themselves.


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