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Local Football Coach aims to run 48 miles in 48 hours for Emily's Star

When Dan got in touch with us to tell us about his challenge, we couldn't quite get our head around it.

Lets Kick It owner Dan Smith has set himself the challenge of running 48 miles in 48 hours helping to raise funds for locally based charity Emilys Star.

''I gave 24 miles in 24 hours a try and it was tough. For me personally, the pandemic has knocked my business for 6 and the only way through it right now is to stay focussed and positive, so, I thought I would set myself challenges and why not help a charity out at the same time? This challenge however is another level.''

Dan is known for his commitment to developing youth football and he knows the importance of keeping fit mentally and physically, through these challenging times.

''With everything happening in the world I've tried my best to keep the kids engaged with football online, by providing coaching videos and live sessions. If it gives them just a slight feeling of normality then it's good enough for me. I can't wait to get back on to the training ground as soon as we can. That's if I survive my challenge!''

Dan invites anyone to join him on the challenge but it is no mean feat!

If you wish to make a donation to the challenge then visit this link:

Dan will be keeping everyone updated on his challenge by making videos. Be sure to follow Lets Kick It


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