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Local Independent Cafe Looking For New Home In Milton Keynes

Me Julie's Cafe based in Bancroft Park is being forced to leave it's premises and is seeking a new home.

Me Julie's opened it's doors on 15th June 2021 mid pandemic, in an attempt to re-build a previously thriving business and it was welcomed with open arms.

Based inside the Roman Park Residents Club in Bancroft, Me Julie's serves up an absolute delight in food & beverages and is much appreciated within the community.

Unfortunately, an issue with the lease has seen the Roman Park Residents Club force an unrealistic hand in financial & personnel demands meaning Me Julie's has no option but to leave the premises and find a new home, with just a weeks notice.

This means that 4 people will be made jobless just before Christmas and residents are extremely upset that their much loved local cafe is having to close.

Local resident Jamie was in the cafe when we paid them a visit today and he was shocked by the news.

''It's a real shame that the residents club cannot support this small independent business, especially in these tough times. I come here 3/4 times a week and have really enjoyed what has been offered by Me Julie's. The staff are extremely welcoming and I only ever hear positive things about the food served.''

Are you aware of a space in Milton Keynes that could be the perfect little spot for an independent cafe? If so, please click here and message Me Julie's direct.


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