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Local people pledge to ‘Break the Bias’ at this week’s International Women’s Day event

“I used to walk into a room filled with people and think differently to everyone else, and I’d ask myself ‘what is wrong with me?’. But now, I walk into a room full of people and I think ‘yes, I can add value here…” – Laura McLean was among 4 inspirational speakers at MK Community Foundation’s Women’s Day event.

Hosted by MK Community Foundation President, Fola Komolafe MBE DL, the event took place on Tuesday 8th March at MK Theatre and MK Rose, Campbell Park, where many local people gathered to explore topics around gender bias, stereotypes and discrimination, as well as steps that can be taken collectively to encourage a gender equal world. In attendance was George Anson, the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, as well as Mohammed Khan, The Mayor of Milton Keynes.

As part of the celebrations, attendees heard influential talks from 4 local women. Public speaker, business owner, writer, trainer and member of the Women’s Equality Party, Amanda Carter-Philpot, shared with us the many bias’s she has broken, with 60 years lived experience as a disabled woman. Ellie Reid from MK Donsset gave an encouraging talk around the Women’s Euros Legacy and the impact on physical wellbeing and arts and heritage in Milton Keynes. Santander’s Women in Business Network representative and human behaviour coach, Laura McLean inspired attendees with her speech on the power of mindset. And finally, local mother, actor, poet and Senior Engagement Coordinator at London Social Justice Charity, Lisa Lovell, blew everyone away with a spoken word poem that expressed the #BreakTheBias theme.

June Oldroyd, Director of Philanthropy at MK Community Foundation, said “It was great to be in a position to meet in person and listen to inspirational women talk about challenging bias and empowering women to recognise and use their strengths without compromise.”

Later at MK Rose, attendees were encouraged to write pledges around how they will help to #BreakTheBias, in line with this year’s theme, which were later tied onto the ‘International Women’s Day’ pillar and a performance from MK Cheerleading Academy was enjoyed by all.

You can find out more about this year’s International Women’s Day event on MK Community Foundation’s social channels, or via their website by clicking here.


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