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Local Woman Takes Part in Ration Challenge To Help Raise Funds For Refugees

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Inspired by friends, Rhian Evans wanted to challenge herself to do something that would not only challenge her, but to help raise vital funds too.

There is no better person to explain the challenge more than Rhian herself, so, here are some words from Rhian explaining everything you need to know about the challenge.

''I decided to take on the Ration Challenge 2021 to raise awareness and show solidarity with refugees. There are around 80 million people across the world who have been displaced from their homes through conflict, or through ethnic cleansing. Millions of these are now surviving the best they can in refugee camps.

It costs just £85 to feed a Syrian refugee living in Jordan for a whole YEAR!

There are families, and children who have been living in refugee camps for thousands of days.

Concern worldwide is a charity that helps provide aid to refugees in locations across the world.

I saw the Ration challenge and knew I wanted to do it! For one week in June (12-18) I will be living on the basic rations given to refugees. Rice, lentils, kidney beans, chick peas, flour, oil. That’s it!

I have earnt some extras through reaching fundraising targets (20g of fruit, 170g of vegetable, 120g of protein, a tin of tomatoes)

I would be so grateful if anyone reading this considered sponsoring me, or even better, doing some research about what refugees are going through, and even consider following Concern Worldwide and signing up for the challenge!

To those who say ‘look after your own first’, I say, ‘we are all human beings, and everyone has been affected by the Covid pandemic’

With love, Rhian x''

Click here to make a donation.

Good luck and well done Rhian!