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Made in Stony members recently celebrated their fifth anniversary doing just what the title says: creating their products within the civil parish of Stony Stratford.

The rules are strict for the artisans to earn use of their cherished logo.

The next opportunity to buy their goods and produce will be on 4thMarch when Made in Stony holds another shopping day at York House in the town. From bird boxes to jewellery, fine art to soap, there will be a wide range of goods for sale. Also attending will be a small selection of visiting stallholders from outside Stony Stratford.

Made in Stony is an established group of creative people. They first met five years ago and now hold several market events in the town each year. “Eventually we’d love to have our own little shop in Stony Stratford, where people could some to find that special gift or treat, knowing that it was made by hand with loving care in our town,” said chairman Sam Burke. “But in the mean-time we make our products available to our customers by holding shopping events on a regular basis.”


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