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Man jailed for spate of burglaries

Following a Thames Valley Police investigation, a man has been jailed for a spate of burglaries in Milton Keynes.

Lee Westbury, aged 35, of Harrowden, Bradville, Milton Keynes, was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday (26/8).

He pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary and one count of obstructing a police constable in execution of their duty.

Between 2 and 9 June, five burglaries were committed within the south west of Milton Keynes, covering Beanhill, Ashland and Bletchley.

Investigating officers from the Milton Keynes Priority Crime Team discovered a pattern linking all five and arrested Westbury on 10 June. He was charged the same day.

Working with Westbury, the team also managed to solve three other burglaries, which were taken into consideration by the sentencing judge.

Detective Sergeant Gary Huff, based at Milton Keynes police station, said: “Thames Valley Police is committed to bringing burglars to justice as it is an incredibly invasive crime.

“The Priority Crime Team worked hard to investigate the burglaries and find the perpetrator, Westbury, as well as securing the vital evidence to seal the charges from the Crown Prosecution Service.

“Westbury’s sentencing will hopefully serve a lesson to others who seek to commit burglaries that we will investigate and look to put offenders before the courts.”


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