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Man sentenced for football-related offences – Milton Keynes

Following a Thames Valley Police investigation, a man has been sentenced for football-related offences in Milton Keynes.

Adam Edwards, aged 29, of New Hall Road, Wrexham, was given a three-year football banning order after he pleaded guilty to one count each of possession of a firework or flare at a sporting event and throwing a missile onto a football playing area in a hearing at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court on 26 March.

Edwards was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £32, costs of £85 to the Crown Prosecution Service and a fine of £80.

The sentence relates to an incident at a match between MK Dons and Wrexham AFC at Stadium MK on 20 February.

Dedicated football officer PC Jon Evans, said: “I welcome the court imposing this banning order following the offence and hope that it acts as a strong deterrent to anyone who looks to smuggle in pyrotechnic devices to football matches.

“Fans might see football grounds full of smoke and light caused by flares and other devices and think that they create a good atmosphere – but they do not. Flares are extremely dangerous and can burn as hot as 1,600 degrees celsius.

“This football banning order will not only restrict Edwards from watching Wrexham play but will also restrict him from watching all regulated football matches in the United Kingdom and some international matches and tournaments as well.

“Football matches should be a safe place for all people and Thames Valley Police will always deal with incidents at football matches seriously and apply for Football Banning Orders where appropriate.”


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