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Midsummer Place to celebrate the Summer Solstice in style

Midsummer Place is set to celebrate the Summer Solstice and help people understand the true meaning behind the centre’s ‘meaningful’ location and its link to the annually watched event that marks the longest day of the year.

The premium shopping centre has teamed up with local company Connected Collective to help create, promote and host these eye-opening events that are open to all. The four-day extravaganza starts on Thursday 20 June with a sunrise ‘welcome’ on Campbell Park and ends on Sunday 23 June with Tarot card reading and a Labyrinth walk – plus much more in between.


The events held at Midsummer Place are:


Thursday 20 June

Waterstones Talk: Unveiling the Secrets of Milton Keynes with Crystals and Legends

Delve into the mystical allure of Milton Keynes in a captivating talk at Waterstones. Discover hidden ley lines, supernatural lore, and the power of crystals to enhance personal energy. Tickets are £15.


Friday 21 June

Solstice Sunflowers: Seeds of Intention Workshop

Master the art of manifestation at Midsummer Place Boulevard with a unique workshop using sunflower seeds to set intentions for the coming months. Tickets are £25, with a special discount for sunrise attendees.


Saturday 22 June

Midsummer Mystical Market

Experience a day of enchantment at Midsummer Place Boulevard, featuring diverse stalls, workshops, and private readings. Free admission for all.



Kirsty McGiff, Marketing and Commercialisation Manager at Midsummer Place, said, "The Summer Solstice events are a fantastic opportunity to delve into the rich history of Milton Keynes and the significance of the solstice. It’s exciting to see how Midsummer Place can play a central role in these celebrations, connecting our community with this ancient tradition and highlighting our unique cultural heritage."


There are many more events over these days. To find out more and to book, visit Midsummer Place’s website


About Connected Collective

Connected Collective is a community-driven initiative dedicated to promoting wellness, spirituality, and personal growth through immersive experiences and events. Our mission is to create spaces where individuals can connect with themselves, each other, and the world around them.



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