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Milton Keynes Conservatives focus on the 5 Cs

Local Conservatives focus on the 5 Cs - standing up for our local community and the interests of local residents

Milton Keynes Conservatives are focused on delivering five priorities as it works to secure a working majority and take control of the City of Milton Keynes Council. These are our 5 C’s.

Taking back Control of planning – reassessing the local plan priorities in line with local demands

Building Communities not just houses

Connectivity – a timetabled and reliable bus service that is fit for purpose for the whole city area

Communications technology delivering a broadband infrastructure fit for a truly smart city

Certainty – so people and business can invest in their futures today and for tomorrow.

We believe Milton Keynes is one of the best places to live and work in the UK … but we believe it could be so much better.

· Conservatives never forget that the money we spend is your money- MK deserves a Council that spends it wisely

· We need homes for local people delivered via a planning system that is sympathetic to the environment and built to meet the highest climate focused standards

· We need to build a strong, sustainable local economy – we must not become simply a dormitory for the cities of London, Oxford and Cambridge

· We will invest in a new future for our Young People helping them develop real skills for work and life. We will deliver a Milton Keynes University

Leader of the Conservative Group, Cllr David Hopkins, commented: ‘Our plan will deliver for Milton Keynes, cutting waste across the council, investing in new and sustainable businesses, keeps communities and the environment at the heart of every decision, and will ensure that no one will get left behind’.


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