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Milton Keynes Council highlights the need for local foster carers

During the past two weeks, the council has been running a range of online activities and events to celebrate Foster Care Fortnight (10 – 23 May). This is intended to highlight the incredible contribution of MK foster carers whilst attracting more people to consider fostering in Milton Keynes.

Across MK, there are 95 fostering families, but the council is actively looking for more carers. There are currently over 100 children placed with external foster families including sibling groups and older children.

Cllr Zoe Nolan, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: “We’re really passionate about finding more foster carers locally. We know that local children fostered outside Milton Keynes will face additional challenges by being away from familiar schools and existing friendship groups.

Fostering is exciting, challenging and hugely rewarding. We want to hear from anyone who is interested in supporting a child or young person in Milton Keynes. Our fostering team would be happy to discuss what we offer our carers and how fostering can fit your lifestyle. If you think fostering may be for you, please do give us a call.”


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