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Milton Keynes Mum launches a community discount card to combat the cost of living crisis!

For over 10 years, Samantha Poole has supported parents and small businesses through her online community group 'Mum to Mum Milton Keynes and beyond'.

It is a wonderful community of parents and local business owners who come together online to help and support one another.

In 2010, Sam founded the group after she had her first child, and today there are over 21,400 members. There have been so many local families, charities, parents, and small businesses helped by this group since it was created, and it continues to grow by about 400 members each month.

A variety of businesses have partnered with Ask GoTo to offer their members discounts worth thousands of pounds. Everything from entertainment to restaurants to fitness to home services.

Gravity - Top Jump - 360 Play - Climb Quest - Dinosaur Valley MK - Bloom Beauty - Corina’s Cool Kids Parties - Hungry Horse, Broughton - Mayfair Financial & Mortgage and 40 other businesses have joined so far.

Originally launched in 2019, the card was unfortunately affected by the COVID lockdown in 2020. As a result of the extreme rise in living costs, 2022 might be the better year for the relaunch.

For the first 1000 sales, the card is just £12 for 24 months instead of £24! Local charities as well as PTA groups will be supported once the card is established. One or two uses of the card will cover the cost!

It's important to support local business owners during these tough times, so please consider supporting

Loyalty cards play an important role in promoting local businesses and reviving local retail areas. By rewarding repeat customers with exclusive offers, loyalty programs drive customer retention. New referrals come from loyal customers telling their friends and family about the card's special offers.

If you would like to add an offer to the card - Please contact Sam via


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