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Milton Keynes-wide ban for offender

Milton Keynes City Council has obtained a five year anti-social behaviour injunction for Omar Ali, who has been banned from entering any part of the city due to his prolific harassment, abuse and exploitation of vulnerable people.

The court order was granted following an investigation by the city council. The evidence gained by the city council showed that Mr Ali was engaging in offences including drug exploitation, taking over the properties of vulnerable people, and stealing their money.

The injunction means Mr Ali cannot enter Milton Keynes for five years and he is forbidden from engaging in violent or exploitative behaviour anywhere. If he is caught entering MK or committing any of these offences he will be arrested immediately.

The investigation referenced is in relation to civil proceedings and is separate to the criminal justice process.

“We don’t want people in our city whose sole intention is to exploit vulnerable people. This sends out a strong message that this type of behaviour will never be tolerated and we’re prepared to do everything we can to protect our most vulnerable residents. “It’s thanks to our colleagues and partners that we were able to get this result and put an end to this offender inflicting any further misery in our communities.” - Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities, Cllr Emily Darlington

“This is the result of an intensive multi-agency effort and is a great example of how we are working together in Milton Keynes to disrupt and prevent offences of this nature taking place. “Those wishing to cause harm are not welcome here and we will use all tools available to us to make Milton Keynes a safer place.” - Neighbourhood Inspector Tristan Brace from Thames Valley Police


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