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MK businesses step up for healthy workplace standards

MK City Council, in partnership with Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough, has launched a new set of health and wellbeing standards for local workplaces.

The Healthy Workplace Standards are intended to help employers, even the smallest firms who don’t have the resources for a dedicated post or team, support the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Any local workplace can sign up to the new scheme which invites employers to consider how their organisation is performing across several key measures – from health and safety to inclusive employment.

More than 30 workplaces in the region have already signed up to the Healthy Workplace Standards including The Park MK, a 16-acre business park in Wavendon.

Studies have suggested that each pound spent on workplace health can save many times that for the organisation. Investment in areas such as mental health, physical activity, and leadership skills is proven to reduce sickness absence, improve productivity and reduce recruitment costs.

“With so many pressures on families and individuals right now, it’s important that workplaces do everything they can to support their employees. This is more than a check box exercise; it’s about recognising how even small changes can improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce. We’re delighted that so many local organisations have already been in touch and we’re looking forward to presenting our first awards in the coming weeks.” - Cllr Jane Carr, Cabinet member for Inequalities and Child Poverty

For further information about the Healthy Workplace Standards, please visit our workplace health webpages.

Workplaces based in MK and Bedfordshire can also contact the regional public health team at


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