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MK Connect users face 30+ minute wait times for transport say Conservatives

Conservative Press Release: MK Connect users are facing mammoth wait times of over 30 minutes for each ride, new figures have revealed.

The data, provided to MK Council’s Placemaking Committee on 26 January, shows that since they began recording data, the waiting times have increased by 10%.

MK Connect was originally launched in April 2021 to provide public transport services for residents after subsidised bus routes were cut by the then Labour-led Council.

It has since faced challenges over the time it takes to pick users up, issues with accessibility and problems with the distance from drop-off points to the actual location.

The local Conservatives say that more needs to be done to make the service reliable, adding that it can be difficult to dependably use if you’re someone trying to get to work on time or children making their way to school.

Now with waiting times on the increase, residents in public transport blackspots are left with the reality of choosing between calling a taxi or waiting 30 or more minutes to get to their location.

Cllr Saleena Raja, the Conservatives Transport Spokesperson, said:

“Last year, the Labour Council took an unnecessary decision to cut subsidised bus routes in Milton Keynes. The knock-on effect of this decision was and the quality of public transport in MK is suffering.

DRT can be a useful service is managed correctly but with 30+ minute waiting times, residents cannot reliably use this service to travel with.

More needs to be done to improve it and boost public transport in MK.”


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