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MK Council amongst the lowest in the country for mental health spending say Conservatives

Conservative Group Press Release: Figures from the Local Government Association show that the Labour and Liberal Democrat Council are amongst the lowest councils in the country for spending on mental health support for 18-65s and over 65s.

The average net spend on mental health support for 18–65-year-olds for all English local councils is £4.6 million and for over 65s, the average is £2.4 million.

However, in Milton Keynes, MK Council have only been spending £3.6 million on mental health support for 18-65s.

Shockingly, the Council have been spending even less on support for over 65s with the total spend in the lowest 10% in the country at £733,000.

Recent analysis from Mental Health Charity, MIND, showed that 25% of UK adults surveyed who experienced struggling with their mental health for the first time during the pandemic have still not had a first conversation about it.

While 12% of people who had existing mental health problems had not spoken to anyone about their mental health since the pandemic.

Cllr Alice Jenkins, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“The pandemic has had a severe impact on mental health for all ages, whether young or old, with reports of anxiety and depression sky-rocketing.

That is why spending money on mental health support is crucial. It is not good enough that our mental health spend is amongst the lowest in the country for a city growing so quickly.

The Labour and Liberal Democrat Council need to step up to the plate because they are failing to do the bare minimum.”


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