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MK Council calls on Government to delay £20 cut to Universal Credit

A cross-party decision was made at Full Council last night, urging the Government to delay the damaging cut to Universal Credit over the winter period.

The Progressive Alliance united all parties on Milton Keynes Council last night in calling out the government’s heartless cut to Universal Credit, standing up for nearly 23,000 local families that have been affected by the cut.

Lib Dem Councillor Jenni Ferrans moved the motion: “The Progressive Alliance was able to unite all groups last night, with all parties coming together to oppose the government’s decision to scrap the £20 uplift to Universal Credit. This just goes to show that even local Tories disagree with their government.

“Some of our most vulnerable residents will lose out on £220 each by Christmas, coupled with increasing energy and fuel prices, and the threat of eviction if they can’t afford the rent; we can all see that this is unfair.

“Full Council has requested the Leader of the Council write to the Government asking to delay the cut before more damage can be done.”

Ben Everitt, MP for Milton Keynes North, and Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South, will also be asked to fight alongside the Council for the £20 uplift to remain until at least March 2022.

Councillor Emily Darlington, Labour Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities, seconded the motion: “In Milton Keynes we are committed to reducing poverty and this cruel cut is making our job even harder.

“The £20 reduction could see half a million families plunge into poverty across the country, yet our local MPs are nowhere to be seen. Ben Everitt and Iain Stewart need to show up and take a stand for the thousands of families across Milton Keynes that need our help the most.”


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