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MK Hospital - Planned Maple Centre infrastructure works – Impact to site access

This week (starting Saturday 25 June) MK Hospital begin essential infrastructure works to bring their new Maple Centre online later this year. The works will be taking place over four consecutive weeks, from Saturday to Wednesday each week – an overview of these dates is as follows:

During these planned works, there will be some disruption to staff and visitors entering the site off Standing Way (H8) as the contractors will be working in the road from the roundabout (known as ‘Stone Henge’) down towards the Maple Centre.

  • Phase 1: 25th to 29th June

  • Phase 2: 2nd to 6th July

  • Phase 3: 9th to 13th July

  • Phase 4: 16th to 20th July

The area where the work will take place is marked in red on the map below, with contractors starting from the position closest to the Maple Centre location and working back over the following weeks.

For the safety of all, there will be traffic lights (indicated by a ‘+’ on the map) in operation in this area as traffic will be managed through one lane, with an member of the contractors’ staff based in that vicinity throughout the day to manually override the lights as appropriate. This is especially important for emergency vehicles entering and exiting the site and we have a number of measures in place to ensure patient safety is not impacted.

Visitors who require departments in the blue and green zones are advised to park in either Car Park A or Car Park B via Marlborough Street (V8) to avoid disruption.

A map of the hospital site can be found here.

There will be no interruption on site on either Thursday or Friday over the next few weeks.

MK Hospital apologise for the inconvenience caused during this time while we improve our estate.