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MK Hospital to introduce new beds and mattresses across all wards

Milton Keynes University Hospital is introducing new beds and mattresses across all wards from 26 April to 6 May 2022.

The new items, which will help to improve the comfort and safety of patients while also making the lives of staff easier, will replace all current stock (with the exception of new beds already installed). Medstrom, the hospitals suppliers, will begin delivery from Tuesday 26 April and will install approximately 50 new beds, or the equivalent of two wards, each day.

It is anticipated that the install will take two weeks and is scheduled to finish on Friday 6 May.

Delivery will take place at the Cook Chill entrance (pictured below) and this entrance will be closed during the delivery hours, which is 0700 – 1700hrs from Monday to Friday. Please use other entrances during these times. Special arrangements are being made with mortuary team for visits to their area.

During the install of the new beds and mattresses, the corridors may be busier than usual but once the work is finished, the Trust will see a huge reduction in broken or unsuitable beds and mattresses being left in corridors.

The new beds will help to reduce the risk of falls due to the ability to lower them further than our current stock and the new mattresses are hybrid, a mixture of foam and air, which will mean staff can adapt them to the needs of the patients rather than having to arduously swap them out, as they have previously had to do.

Each ward and its patients will receive warning in advance of the swap in each area.


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