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The Leader of the Milton Keynes Labour Party is facing calls to make a full public apology after being caught out in a nuclear scaremongering scandal.

Milton Keynes Labour has falsely claimed there are plans for the long-term storage of the UK’s higher activity radioactive waste in the city and even set up a petition against it – despite the fact it was never happening.

Now the city’s local MP Ben Everitt is demanding a full public apology from both the Labour leader Pete Marland and Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes North for their needless scaremongering.

Ben Everitt, the MP for Milton Keynes North, said: “There are no plans to store nuclear waste in MK and there never will be. It just won't happen. MK has never been considered as a site for this.

“The Labour Party should be ashamed of their behaviour, but once again they have put politics before people.

“Quite simply the Labour leader of MK Council and his desperate parliamentary candidate for MK North should make a full public apology for this pathetic, shameful, scaremongering.”


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