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MK Labour launch local election manifesto - Click here to find out full details - MKCommunityHub

Milton Keynes Labour Party have launched their manifesto for the local elections that will take place on Thursday 6th May with policies focusing on supporting working people, helping families and tackling climate change.

Labour has been in charge of MK Council since 2014 and have led the city through the COVID-19 pandemic, with the party promising to continue to keep people safe and protect services from cuts.

Now as the city moves slowly out of lockdown Labour have made jobs and the economy their top priority, promising to support working people with a £4m Job Protection Fund, support for local high streets, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Labour are promising more help to families, with pledges to increase access to genuinely affordable housing, better youth services and new council housing.

There is a strong focus on delivering action on climate change and a zero carbon Milton Keynes by 2030, with pledges to spend £25m improving redways, increasing cycling and more green transport, and five new local wildlife parks.

The manifesto also promises more action on fly-tipping, litter and to fix an extra 7500 potholes.

Cllr Peter Marland, Labour Leader of MK Council said:

“Labour-led MK Council has kept people safe during the pandemic and ensured help got to those who needed it most when they needed it most. Now as we emerge from the crisis we need to get back to a society that looks out for each other and learn the lesions of the pandemic.”

He continued:

“Our manifesto is our positive agenda for Milton Keynes. We will support working people, ensure a fair deal for families and deliver on our commitment to make a Milton Keynes a zero carbon, green city. We will continue to get the basics right and support stronger, greener communities.”

He concluded:

“The choice at the local election in May is really clear. A strong Labour-led council with positive plans on issues such as jobs, affordable housing and climate change, not a negative list of problems with no policies like our Conservative opponents. Only a Labour council will ensure we keep Milton Keynes the best place to grow up, get on and grow old.”

Click here to read the full Labour Manifesto


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