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MK Lib Dems call for fairer voting system

The Milton Keynes Liberal Democrats have called for a fairer voting system for general and local elections.

The Liberal Democrat Group on Milton Keynes City Council moved a motion on proportional representation at Full Council on 19 October. This called on the Government to change legislation to allow proportional representation to be used for general and local elections.

Proportional representation is the idea that seats won are in proportion to the votes cast. The voting system which is used in over 80 countries is more representative, allows greater choice for voters and ensures few votes are wasted.

In comparison, first past the post – the system currently used is not always representative as the winning candidate doesn’t need a majority of votes in their area to win their seat.

Lib Dem councillors heavily criticised the first past the post system, arguing the outdated system leaves many unrepresented and leaves voters with little choice on polling day.

All 17 Conservative councillors in attendance voted against the motion for a fairer voting system.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader on Milton Keynes City Council, Councillor Robin Bradburn who moved the motion, said:

“The argument from the Conservatives that proportional representation causes useless coalitions and indecisive governments is totally unfounded. This is the most indecisive Government I have seen; we have had three Prime Ministers in two months.

“Our current Government doesn’t listen to anybody, was Liz Truss delivering the manifesto that was released way back in 2019? I don’t think so. I don’t think the manifesto said it would mean higher mortgage costs for millions or put interest rates through the roof.

“We need stability and consensus, and proportional representation is the answer.”

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