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MK schools to lose out on nearly £300k as Government plans to cut ‘vital’ grant say Labour

Labour Press Release: Local schools will be losing out on nearly £300,000 worth of funding as the Conservative Government has announced plans to scrap the school improvement grant.

The grant has been used by schools across the city since 2017 to help fund vital school improvement action.

However, it has been cut as part of the Government’s plans to turn all schools into academies, meaning they are run by companies rather than the Council.

Councillor Zoe Nolan, Labour Cabinet Member responsible for schools, said: “There has been a decade of Tory cuts to education – the worst since World War Two. By 2024, Government spending per pupil will be at the same level as 2010, which is where the Labour Government left it.”

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Milton Keynes Council would receive a school improvement grant reduction of 50% in 2022/23, before it is completely withdrawn in 2023/24. This is a £270,000 reduction in funding over the two years, or £4,030 per school.

Councillor Nolan continued: “It is clear the Government has cut the funding as an excuse to encourage academy conversions and leave Councils without power. We had to watch while Stantonbury International School’s reputation tumbled after becoming an academy. Students feared for their safety, and things got so bad the academy trust’s funding was withdrawn. This all happened while the Council couldn’t do a thing.”

She concluded: “This Conservative Government clearly doesn’t care about levelling up education; they are leaving helpless children to suffer. Schools are already under enough of a financial strain and this is just another nail in the coffin. We should be supporting, encouraging and helping our young people to thrive. We shouldn’t be knocking them down.”


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