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More children starting at a preferred school in 2021

Thousands of MK children find out today (16 April) which primary school they’ll be starting in September.

A record number of children (99%) were offered a place at one of their preferred schools whilst (93%) have secured a place at their first preference school.

Milton Keynes Council received 3,350 applications by the 15 January deadline. This year, 26 children did not get allocated a preferred choice, compared to 46 children in 2020.

Of the applications received on time, the majority (93.2%) received their first preference school – an increase of 2% from last year. 4.3% of children received their second preference, 1.5% received their third preference school and 0.2% were allocated their fourth preference school.

Today is also offer day for more than 1,000 children due to transfer from infant to junior school. Most families (97%) have been allocated their first preference and 99% have been allocated one of their four preferences.

The council continues to work with schools to reduce capacity where places are no longer needed and increase provision where there is growing demand.

A small number of late applications have been received. Where applications are received late, between 16 January 2021 and 30 April 2021, school place offers will be sent on 28 May 2021 by letter.

Parents who still need to make an application should complete a late application form which is available on the council’s website.


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