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More than 250 arrests made during Op Holly – Thames Valley

Thames Valley Police has made 276 arrests so far as part of Op Holly, the force’s Christmas drink and drug driving campaign.

The operation has been running since 1 December and aims to crackdown on the number of drivers driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.

Of those arrested, 99 were for drug driving and 177 for drink driving, with 21% of people arrested being under the age of 25.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Bettington, of the Joint Operations Unit, said: “Having even the slightest amount of alcohol or drugs in your system can be a major contributory factor in increasing the chances of road users being killed or seriously injured in a road traffic collision.

“This festive season it’s important to consider how you are getting home after a night out and also planning for the morning after.

“It’s always possible that you may still be over the limit the morning after.

“It can take hours for alcohol to leave your body and drugs can take a considerable amount of time too, sometimes even days.

“Our message to you is simple: Don’t drink or drug drive – It’s not worth the risk.

“Don’t be afraid to call out your friends or family members if you think they have drugs or alcohol in their system.

“If you know of anyone who is drink or drug driving call 999 in an emergency, 101 with information or report via Crimestoppers.”


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