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MyMiltonKeynes celebrate Milton Keynes on newly-awarded city status

MyMiltonKeynes, the business improvement district focused on positive change within Central Milton Keynes area, kicks off the celebrations as Milton Keynes is crowned a winner of the prestigious 2022 Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours Competition.

In the first competition for city status since the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee ten years ago, a record number of locations have won the royal honour with Milton Keynes recognised for its unique history, cultural infrastructure and innovation.

The winning bid highlighted the cities involvement in the national post-war planning movement as well as the countless innovative initiatives established in Milton Keynes, such as the Open University, The Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the nation’s largest network of electric vehicle charging points. Hundreds of photos of Milton Keynes’ green open spaces, heritage sites and iconic buildings, shot by local residents, were also sent in support of the bid.

Unlike previous years and for the first time ever, the competition was open to applicants from Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, and accumulated entries from almost 40 locations as a result. Applications were required to follow clear instructions to demonstrate their distinctive identities and cultural heritage, as well as any royal associations. All entries received evaluations from a panel of experts and Cabinet Office ministers, before their recommendations were put to Her Majesty The Queen.

As with previous winners, Milton Keynes can look forward to an exciting future in hope that city status opens up an array of opportunities and benefits for the business district and community members.

The eight winners of this royal accolade are Bangor - Northern Ireland, Colchester – England, Doncaster – England, Douglas – Isle of Man, Dunfermline – Scotland, Milton Keynes – England, Stanley – Falkland Islands and Wrexham – Wales.

Melanie Beck MBE, Chief Executive at MyMiltonKeynes BID, said “We’ve done it! Congratulations, Milton Keynes! Over the past 12 months, countless resources and hours have been dedicated to developing Milton Keynes into a vibrant and flourishing destination. During that time, this wonderful community has grown into a space that we’re proud to be a part of and we’re ecstatic to have finally been awarded official city status. As we look forward to celebrating the 70-year reign of Her Majesty The Queen, we can’t help but acknowledge Milton Keynes’ unique mix of heritage and innovation. We can hardly contain our excitement to have received city status ahead of the Jubilee weekend and can’t wait to show what this amazing city has to offer during the MyMiltonKeynes Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

“Our congratulations go out to all eight winners of this royal honour and special thanks go to the previous Mayor of Milton Keynes, Mohammed Khan, who not only advocated for city status throughout his entire time in office but who also sent the bid via a Starship Technologies’ robot delivery vehicle in true Milton Keynes style.”

Our new Mayor Amanda Marlow added “I have said since we began work on our application for City Status, that we call ourselves a city because we think like a city. So I am delighted beyond words that we can now officially call ourselves a city. What a way to start my role as 50th Mayor of Milton Keynes!”

The winners of the 2022 Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours Competition will be awarded letters patent later this year.